About Me

Hello! My name is Jennifer Friedman.

I’m a fine artist and animator and most recently I am an author and illustrator to my new children’s book project, A Leap of Leopards.

I was born in Santa Monica, California in 1985. Ever since I could remember I was always creating giant messes with markers, pastels, clay, paint, and whatever craft materials I could get my hands on and keeping busy with art projects. It was pretty rare to see me without paint in my hair or on my clothes (even as an adult). Luckily I had both of my parents’ support as a child, (although I’m sure my Dad would break out a sweat when I got a little too close to the sofa and rugs).

I grew up in the beautiful South Bay in Palos Verdes. My notebooks in elementary and high school were more covered in doodles and sketches in the margins than actual class notes. I spent most of my time being involved with the high school art department, taking art classes at the neighborhood art center and painting murals on the school campus. Luckily, I was able to continue my passion for art at UCLA where I graduated with a B.A in Fine Art in 2008 focusing on large scale oil painting and ceramics.

After graduating I rented an airplane hanger and painted large pieces on canvas as well as custom surfboards. My largest commission could be seen in the indie film thriller Muse, used in a film about a struggling artist. I returned back to school in 2011 and obtained a degree in Entertainment Design for Digital production and currently work as an animator and pre-visualization artist for film, tv, and theme park rides. I’ve worked on many projects including The Orville Season 2, Meet Bugs Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi and National Geographic Ocean Encounter. I’m most excited about my first children’s book project, A Leap of Leopards, which I am in progress self illustrating and writing.

I hope you enjoy taking a look around!


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